Monday, August 30, 2010

It's All About Food And Gelato Even While Getting Tests At Mayo Clinic MN

Today Was Day 1 of Tests for my Second Trip To Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I finished my Thermo-Regulatory Sweat Test, Turned Purple Like A Grape. Lost 1 1/2 LBS And Needed To EAT.

First I had a Grilled Walleye PIKE Burger on Fresh Ciabatta Bread With Fresh Fruit & Fresh Brewed Decaf Raspberry & White Ice Tea At Vino's In The Marriott Hotel Across From The Mayo Clinic. Had some extra time so I walked outside to find out what other restaurants are in the immediate area.

Across the street I found the University Square Mall which was a welcome respite for me as the temp was at least 90 with humidity making it much hotter.  I love Gelato and I was thrilled to find the Chocolaterie Stam at The University Square Mall in Rochester, MN. Here are some PIC's of the amazing Gelato, Chocalates, & my Desert as well.

My YUMMY Peach Sorbetto Gelato

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