Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am Back after lots of health set backs

Where has the time gone? Hard to believe that it has been a whole year since I have posted on here. I have been busy seeing doctors on a regular basis for way to many health issues, navigating the world of Medicare, & Medicare Replacement Plans starting at the age of 50 due to my Disabilities, dealing with Social Security about my payments, back benefits, money held out for my lawyer and the balance supposed to be paid to me that I have yet to receive, helping my sister, and doing online surveys to earn gift cards.

Currently I have been in AZ for the last 2 weeks visiting my mom after not having been here since Dec,. 2008 due to health issues with me and lack of funds to travel anywhere at all. I have about 60-70 PICs of my recipes on my laptop at home and Picasa. My sister loaned my a notebook PC to use while I am at our moms in AZ for a month avoiding the extreme cold, ice, freezing, rain and historic amounts of snow back in the suburbs of Illinois one hour west of Chicago. Once I get back home I will start posting all those recipes one every day or as often as I can till I am caught up, then I can start with new ones with my new way of eating.

Till then hope you all stay warm & dry in the states where you deal with all the cold, snow, ice, etc.

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