Friday, August 6, 2010

Italian Pomegranate Sirlion Steak

2 -4 Sirloin Steaks 
Frontier Blackened Creole Powder
1/4 Cup Dehydrated Crushed Onions 
1/2 Pkg Sliced Baby Bellas
Pompeian Pomegranate Vinegar or DeNegris Balsamic Vinegar
1 8 Oz. Bottle Wish Bone Light Italian Dressing (The Formula Without High Fructose)
Lighthouse Freeze Dried Cilantro or Fresh
1 Disposable Broiler Pan

Add Your Steaks To Your Disposable Broiler Pan 
Sprinkle Blackened Creole Powder over Steaks Lightly More IF YOU LIKE HEAT.
Add Enough Vinegar To Cover Steaks
Pour Wishbone Light Italian Dressing Over Your Steaks
Add in Crushed Onions & Sprinkle Around Pan Submerge Onions in Vinegar/Dressing
Cover Pan With Plastic Wrap or Aluminum Foil And Place In Refrigerator For 1-2 Hours

Remove Pan from Fridge And Cook in Broiler Till Your Desired Temp
Remove and Cool For 7 -10 Minutes
Slice the Steak on a Cutting Board which you can eat as your meal with some brown rice, or small plain sweet potato and lemony green beans or garlic asparagus. Or DO What I DO and Add this over a Romaine Salad.

In Large Bowl Add in your preferred amount of green romaine lettuce, sprinkle some oregano over salad, sprinkle fresh ground pepper over salad, add in your cooked steak, sprinkle some good quality balsamic vinegar over salad, add in some shredded carrots, colored peppers, add in partially frozen marion blackberries, partially frozen california peaches, toss & enjoy.

Then the next day or two use the rest of your steak for more salads.

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