Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free Blueberry & Cornmeal Muffins

12 Count Muffin Pan
12 Silicone Muffin Liners (Optional)
Non Stick Cooking Spray
1 Mixing Bowl

1 Cup Rice Flour
1 Cup Cornmeal
1/4 Coconut Flour (High Protein & Fiber Content) 
4 TSP Baking Powder
1 TBSP Ground Cinnamon
1/4 TSP Fresh Grated Nutmeg
1/4 TSP Cream of Tartar
1/4 TSP Baking Soda
1/8 TSP Fine Sea Salt
2 TBSP Splenda 
1/4 TSP Xanthan Gum
1/2 Cup Unsweetened Applesauce
1/2 Cup Frozen Blueberries
1/4 TSP Ginger Syrup
1/4 TSP Vanilla
2 Cups Unsweetened Soymilk
2 TBSP Ground Flaxseed + 6 TBSP Warm Water = 2 Eggs

Add All Dry Items To Bowl
Add Ground Flaxseed to Small Bowl, Add In Warm Water & Whisk till Fluffy, Then Add To Dry Items
Add All Wet Items & Mix
When working with Coconut Flour due to the extra density sometimes you might need additional milk or water if batter is to thick. It absorbs moisture very quick.
Put Liners in Muffin Tin
Spray Liners

Bake 425 Degrees Till Done 20-30 Minutes

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