Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bruschetta Manchego Turkey Sandwich

I know I have been a total slug as of late, my last post was February 19, sorry everyone. It seems lately that every time I post a bunch of recipes instead of just 1 at a time per day or 1 at a time every few days, then my Neuropathic Pain rears it's nasty head and then I can't use my hand's for typing, exercise, blow drying my hair, much less cooking or blogging.  Initially, I thought this was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so I started wearing braces every night but the burning on the inside of my forearms up to my elbow according to the Hand Orthopedic is not related to Carpal Tunnel, talked to my neurologist and he said this is not part of Neuritis either. The Neurologist did say that burning pain is a symptom of Fibromyalgia which I do have. So my hobby of blogging to get my mind of my Fibromyalgia & Myofascial Pain issues has actually caused me to have more painful non-functional bad days then good days lately. Really hard to believe that Spring is heading to the Midwest in only 2 weeks.

This is not your bruschetta in the traditional sense. This is actually made with bruschetta seasoning from a package of spices that I found at my local Cost Plus World Market. Due to my going back to living a Wheat Free Life, this is the last post you will see on here with real bread. I have provided links for unfamiliar items used in this recipe for all of you.

2 Slices Fresh Baked Sourdough Bread From The Bakery & Not The Stuff in the Aisle with Other Breads.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh Shredded Manchego Cheese
3 Slices Hormel Nitrate Free Smoked Turkey Breast
Sprinkle of Cost Plus World Market Bruschetta Seasoning
American Stockyard Mustard BBQ Sauce

Use a pastry brush and spread oil on each bread slice, sprinkle seasoning on one slice
tear lunch meat in half and place on one slice, top with BBQ Sauce, then seasoning, then cheese
Toast in toaster oven, convection, or in Salamander Broiler or Regular Oven till Cheese Melts

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