Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sesame Lemon Garlic Steak Frittata With Tomatoes & Pecorino Romano Cheese

Prepare Sesame Lemon Garlic Steak With My Recipe Link Listed Below Here
After Your Sesame Lemon Garlic Steak Is Done Remove From Skillet, Put Into A Bowl And Set Aside
Wash & Dry Skillet Or Use A Second Skillet
If you prefer You Can Also Prepare Your Lemon Garlic Steak The Day Before, Refrigerate Overnight & Then Just Make Your Fritatta

Spray Skillet With Fat Free Cooking Spray
Pour 16 -20 Ounces of Egg Whites Into Skillet
Cook on Medium Heat Till Bottom Of Egg Whites Set
Sprinkle Some Garlic Granules Over Egg Whites
Sprinkle In 1 TBSP of Fresh Oregano Over Garlic & Egg Whites
Spread Your Cooked Steak Evenly On Top of Cooking Egg Whites & Spices
Spread 1 Cup Petite Diced Tomatoes Fresh or From A Can Without Added Salt Over Steak
Cook Until Done
Grate Fresh Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese Over The Top And Your Ready To Eat
Perfect For Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch
Optional: Add In Some Sliced Portabella Mushrooms With The Tomatoes

Egg Whites With Garlic Granules, Fresh Oregano & Steak Cooking

Petite Diced Tomatoes With No Salt Added Over Steak Cooking

Fresh Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese

Cut Into Quarters & Serve

Ready To Eat

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