Friday, July 22, 2011

"It's A Chip And It's A Cracker Too!" All In One....

I have certainly had my share of chips and crackers in the last 40+ years and have always found the taste and textures to be quite different. Today for the first time I can say I have just eaten one that combines both, to be honest I did not even know that this was a possibility in the food world?

Perhaps it is the week long heat wave that we have been having in Illinois or perhaps I am just having a good old fashioned craving for snack foods with some salt? As a rule I avoid salt as much as possible, I buy No Salt Added Products, ones with very low salt or products with no salt, even all my spice seasonings are salt free except for one.

I finished my last 10 Food Should Taste Good Olive chips Thursday night at dinner with some plain hummus and maybe my internal snack radar just keeps looking at those other 4 Free packages of Food Should Taste Good that were sent to me and is saying open me and try another flavor?

Well the wait is over, I opened my package of Food Should Taste Good Blue Corn All Natural Chips made with Organic Blue Corn, Quinoa, Flax, Sunflower, and sesame Seeds, Soy, Brown Rice and counted out the 9 chips serving size to have as a snack along with 1 TBSP of mild salsa and some citrus slices. Usually after I eat my afternoon snack I will stop, wait 2-3 hours and then eat dinner. Today my will power was broken and I just had to have more of these AMAZINGLY HEALTHY Blue Corn All Natural Chips. These are great by themselves with salsa, guacamole, red pepper hummus, vegetable dip, and bruschetta. Use as a base for nachos, add to a sandwich, in a salad, or omelette, crush into soup. These are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, low sodium, good source of fiber, etc.

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