Saturday, July 16, 2011

Olive Gluten Free Tortilla Chip That TASTES GREAT!

In my last seven 8 years of eating a plethora of Gluten Free foods I have tried many foods that simply do not taste good. While reading an add in one of my health Magazines I saw an add for snacks from a company called Food Should Taste Good and it prompted me to find out all about the company and what they make. I found the website and they have a large selection of flavors of Gluten Free Snacks. I contacted them about trying there products, I received a prompt email reply about which 5 of their eleven flavors I would like to try. Within a few days I received 5 full size packages free via UPS. This is the 1st one I decided to try and see how it compares to non-gluten free snack chips. Take it from me after 8 years of Gluten Free Chips and my neighbor who has never had a Gluten Free chip in his life you can't tell the difference and they are great. I counted out the serving size which is 10 chips and dipped them into 2 TBSP of Classic Flavored Humus. If I was not a disciplined eater, the whole bag would be eaten in one serving. These would be just as good in salsa, or as the base for Nachos, crumbled into a salad, in a sandwich or in an egg dish. I have 4 more flavors of there snacks to try. I never eat more then the serving size in one sitting, so you will have to wait for my thoughts on those.

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