Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quick Red Wine Cole Slaw

With the never ending heat wave in Illinois I am doing everything I can to avoid using my oven. I feel like using an oven would be an oxymoron while using an air conditioner to keep my 2 floor townhouse cool. Over the last 15 years with the increasing cost of electricity I have continued to move my thermostat up. Many of my friends during the summer keep their's set set between 73-75 while mine has been set at 78 or 80 since 2001. This year I had to drop mine to 77 as the temp and heat indices have been the hottest on record for Illinois. Of course when it is this hot outside most people simply resort to eating out, the drive thru, or very unhealthy frozen food to nuke in the microwave. Simply put, I do not have the finances to allow me to eat out that often or go to a drive-thru unless it is free or someone else is treating me. Having to watch all my calories, carbs, fat, sodium, & sugar for the rest of my life, means I do not buy unhealthy frozen foods.

1 16 Oz. Package of Cole Slaw
6 Oz Red-wine & Olive Oil Vinaigrette Dressing
1 Container

Empty Cole Slaw Into Container
Pour Dressing In
Mix And Store In Refrigerator For 3 Hours or Overnight

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