Sunday, July 24, 2011

Excellent Whey Protein

In all fairness I am a long time customer of Swanson. I started there Vitamins first by catalog and then on the web. In the 80's I used Spirutein Vanilla for my protein powder, then I switched in 1995 after my Thyroid Cancer to Biochem's Natural Whey Protein Powder. I had finished my last container of biochem whey protein powder and when I looked at the current prices I knew I needed a serious change. I did research for a few months before I decided that the Swanson Whey Protein Pwoder Vanilla Flavor would be the most cost-efficient for me. I added this to my most recent vitamin order last week and I had my new Swanson Whey Protein Powder in 3 days. With the never ending heat wave we have been having in Illinois I have not felt much like eating so I rely on whey protein powder to make my breakfast, or lunch or dinner or a before or after smoothie. I use 1 cup of Unsweetened, or Vanilla Soymilk, 1 scoop of whey protein powder, a banana or peach, some ground flaxseed, and ice in my Vitamix and my meal is made.

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