Friday, November 4, 2011

Mustard BBQ Sauce Baked Chicken Wings

Why go out to eat at the local restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings by myself and get expensive wings already made by someone else with a lot of fat, salt, sugar and unknown ingredients when I can make healthier ones at home. Some folks really enjoy going out to eat and sitting in a restaurant alone, I prefer to eat by myself at home and not alone in restaurant. When I go out to a restaurant I prefer to go with friends or family. Took down some wings from my freezer that I had picked up super cheap at Super Target a few weeks ago and decided I was in the mood for mustard wings.

12 Natural Whole Chicken Wings
American Stockyard Smoky Mustard BBQ Sauce
1 Box Panko Bread Crumbs
3 Bowls or Containers
Non Stick Cooking Spray
1 TSP Canola Oil
3 Quart Oval Casserole Dish

Put Flour In One Bowl
BBQ Sauce In Another
Panko in 3rd Bowl

Preheat Oven to 400 or 415 Degrees
Dip Each Wing In Flour, Then In BBQ Sauce, Then In Panko
Spread 1 TSP Oil Into Bottom Of Casserole Dish
Place Wing Onto Pre-Spayed Casserole Dish
Save Extra BBQ Sauce to Put On Wings When Ready to Serve

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