Saturday, November 12, 2011

Okra Hashbrowns

Still working on adding more meatless meals to get my cholesterol and triglycerides down.

1 12 Inch Skillet
1 10 Inch Skillet
1 Bowl
Non Stick Cooking Spray
1-2 TSP Canola Oil
1 Box Hungry Jack Instant Hashbrowns or Other Bran Equivalent Amount
8 Oz Diced Tomatoes
1 Diced Onion
8 Oz Sliced Portebella Mushrooms
8 Oz Chopped Okra Steamed
1/2 Cup to Whole Cup of Scrambled Egg Whites
Sea Salt
Ground Black Pepper

Open One Portion Of Hashbrown Box
Fill Hashbrown Box With Warm Water To Fill Line
Let Rehydrate for 12 Minutes
Then Set Aside

Spray 10 Inch Skillet With Non Stick Cooking Spray
Add Egg Whites To Skillet & Let Set
Sprinkle Some Sea Salt & Pepper Over Egg Whites
Scramble Egg Whites In 10 Inch Skillet
Remove And Put Egg Whites In Bowl
Clean & Dry Skillet

Add Oil To 10 Inch Skillet
Heat On Medium
Saute Onion, Mushrooms, & Tomatoes in Skillet
Remove Pan From Stove-Top & Set Aside

Add Oil to 12 Inch Skillet
Heat On Medium
Add Hashbrowns And Cook 5-6 Minutes Per Side
When hashbrown start to turn brown add in vegetables, then egg whites and stir
Optional to Sprinkle a little Tabasco Chipotle Sauce When Ready To Serve

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