Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Great Products From World Market

I was at World Market and learned they have members rewards program. I signed up and received a coupon via email for joining, then I received a new member bonus. I used my coupons to purchase items on sale and received members only prices. Here are some of the great products I purchased there which I have used in all new recipes.

American Stockyard BBQ Sauce
More than 250 years ago, German immigrants settled in present day South Carolina and introduced their version of BBQ sauce to a hungry nation. There are no tomatoes in this sauce. Instead you will find premium whole grain mustard, tangy yellow mustard, brown sugar and a touch of hickory smoke. This sauce pairs perfectly with pork and is also outstanding with beef or chicken.

Amazing Taste!

Ginger Syrup Made By The Ginger People
Totally Healthy & Natural
240 Calories for 1/4 Cup. 1 TSP is 20 Calories
60 Grams Sugar for 1/4 Cup which is 5 for 1 TSP
Great for Pancakes, In Tea, In Seltzer For Your Own Gingerale

Boil Some Water, Mix & Chill
Very Easy Pudding
100 Calories for 4 Ounces
4 Grams of Fat
15 Carbs
15 Sodium
1 Protein
9 Sugar

Serve As a Cake Glaze, Ice Cream Topping
Mix Into Bakes Goods, Amazing Taste

I Do Not Drink Soda I bought this to use in marinades
and sautes and it worked wonderful paired with some rice vinegar and also mixed with the mustard BBQ sauce for other recipes. I still have plenty left for some more meals.

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