Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fresh Mozzarella Open Faced Grilled Cheese on Ciabatta Bread

1 Mini Ciabatta Bread Loaf
Grape Tomatoes
Fresh Sliced Mozzarella
2 TBSP Fresh or Freeze Dried Diced Basil Leaves
2 TBSP Freshly Grated Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese Made With Sheep's Milk
1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Drizzled Into Tiny Holes
1 TBSP of Smart Balance or other Heart Healthy Omega 3 Butter Blend
1 or 2 Oven Safe Skillets

Slice 1 Mini Ciabatta Loaf in Half
Drizzle 1/2 TSP EVOO Onto Each Half Loaf
Sprinkle 1 TBSP of Basil Onto Each Half Loaf
Spread Equal Amounts of Sliced Grape Tomatoes Onto Each Half Loaf
Spread Fresh Sliced Mozzarella Large Enough To Cover Grape Tomatoes on Each Half Loaf
Grate 1 TBSP of Pecorino Over Each Half Loaf
Place 1/2 TSP of Butter Blend in Skillet For 1st Half Loaf
Place Your Assembled Ciabatta Loaf Into Skillet
Heat on Low Just Until Butter Blend Melts
Remove Skillet And Put Into 350 Degree Oven And Bake Until Cheese Is Just Beginning to Melt
Then Repeat With The Other Loaf in the Same Skillet or Another Skillet

Assembled Items

Melting Butter Blend

In Oven Melting Cheese


Slice And Eat

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