Monday, October 4, 2010

Today's Burger Tasting

Being a burger lover I was surprised with the recent 2010 Zagat Survey that listed Five Guys as the # 1 burger of all Fast Food Burger Chains. Equally surprising was that they beat out the long time #1 Burger In-N-Out which is a West Coast Chain that I had the pleasure of eating at in Tucson, AZ while on a visit to see my Mom.  After doing research to find where there locations are, I was surprised to find that there is one located in Bloomingdale, IL.

I had a doctor's appointment today in Bloomingdale, IL so I decided that I would stop there afterwards and try one for myself. Of course, no trip to a burger joint would be complete without also trying some of their fries. To make my experience complete I purchased an unsweetened iced tea to drink with my food.

The burgers can be ordered as a little one which is 3.5oz or a regular one which is two patties. All burgers come plain and you choose what you want to have on your burger. There are no combo meals which include fries and a drink like other larger Fast Food Chains do. Everything is ordered individually which makes for an expensive meal for a burger, fries, & beverage in my opinion.

I ordered the Little Cheeseburger with mustard, relish, pickle, lettuce, grilled mushrooms, & grilled onions. There was so much of this added that my poor little burger was lost.  I was unable to taste the burger at all this way. After this disappointment, I decided to try just the burger by itself sans the topping and I still did not get any taste at all. I feel that the burger does not have any taste, I was expecting to have some sort of taste and was quite let down.

In my opinion, I do not think that they deserved to be rated number one for burgers. In-N-Out burgers have flavor, perhaps they use a seasoning or it is the way In-N-Out cooks them?  Even Burger King Burgers have a flame broiled flavor, which I find much better then the one I had today.

The fries are thick natural cut and come served in a paper cup which reminds me of the ones that were served by the Franchise Boardwalk Fries back when I was in High School. There is malt cider vinegar available to put on your fries which is how I tried mine today. I ordered mine without salt as I am a purist when it comes to food tastings. My trip was not a total loss because the fries were really good.

Here are the pics from today.

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