Sunday, October 24, 2010

Salmon Eggwhites

Enough Liquid Eggwhites To Cover Your Pan
Sliced Wild Caught Alaskan Applewood or Oakwood Coho Salmon Slices (You May Consider It LOX)
2 -3 TBSP Weight Watchers or Neufatchel Cream Cheese
1 TBSP Freeze Dried Chives
1 TSP Ground White Pepper
1 -2 TBSP Freeze Dried Red Onions
Fat Free Olive Oil Cooking Spray
1 Skillet

Spray Pan With Cooking Spray, Add In Egg Whites.
Cook Egg Whites on Medium Heat Until Just Set
Sprinkle in All your Seasonings One at a Time
Add In 2-3 Oz of Your Salmon Slices
Add in The Cream Cheese
Cook For 3-4 Minutes, Then Fold Over And Cook 2-3 Minutes
Serve With Some Whole Grain Toast & Low Sugar Jam

Finished Product

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