Friday, June 24, 2011

Terra Chips Not Just For Snacking

By Now Everyone Has Learned I LOVE the Terra Brand of Chips For Snacking, I have taken my love of Terra Chips to a whole new level.

Instead of labor intensive prep, cooking, and clean-up involved with  sweet potatoes and beets during the hot summer days Terra has come up with the next best thing. Buy a package of Terra Sweets & Beets Chips.

Crush Some Up And Sprinkle Them Into Your Salad, Add Them To a Wrap, To Cole Slaw, On a Sandwich, Omelette, etc.

Please, do not misunderstand my intent, I still love whole sweet potatoes but I do not always want to wash, peel and cut them to make a pan to bake for fries, I have tried sweet potatoes in the microwave and I am not a true fan of the texture.  During the summer I am all about what is easy so I do not want to spend an hour heating up my house to cook 1 sweet potato. To be honest I try to use my oven as little as possible all summer long. In the summer I prefer my cooktop, microwave, Vitamix, and crockpot for just about anything.
I also have no interest in canned or pickled beets and my store does not sell fresh.

Here is a PIC of this tasty little treat.

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