Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking for Soy & Dairy Free Ice Cream

Head Over To Your Grocer's Freezer And Check Out So Delicious Frozen Treats This is Not Cheap, So The Only Time For me to Buy is when this is On Sale & With a Coupon or Two. For those of you not on a limited budget buy it every week. There are no fat free varieties so this is a treat that can be calorie dense with some fat, budget your calories and fat grams to give yourself this treat only a few times per year if your watching your weight or trying to still lose weight as I am.

1st Up is So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

There are many more flavors but anything with vanilla I am already in love with.

The MCFA's while higher in fat have been found not to pack on the pounds as quickly. Lately there has been a lot of controversy about the Agave Sweetener. For me it seems to help with my blood sugars and help me with my weight loss.


  1. I love this ice cream! It's not only the most delicious dairy-free ice cream I've ever tasted, but like you said, coconut's medium-chain fatty acids do not get stored in the body as fat. And agave nectar is pretty low on the glycemic index, so I also feel good about products made with it, as opposed to some other sweeteners. This is one tasty treat I allow myself and my kids to enjoy!

  2. I am glad to find another fan out there who enjoys the coconut milk ice cream with Agave as much as I do. I contacted the company to let them know I was interested in trying out some of there new products and they sent me coupons for free products and then additional coupons to try some of there other products. I'll post some pics of them when I try them.