Friday, June 24, 2011

Soymilk Test

Now that my local Super Target has discontinued all flavors of 8th Continent Soymilk except for one which I do not like, I have had to make a switch and have tasted a few that were not to my liking. I tried SoyDream in the carton which I returned for my money back because of how horrible it was. 8th Continent has reformulated all the Soymilks with items which I do want in my Soymilk.  Silk has also reformulated all of there Soy Milks and added items that I do not want in my Soy Milk ever.  For me there is no reason to add loads of fructose, evaporated cane syrup, stevia or ertyhritol to Soymilk. So right now there is only one flavor of Silk that is for me and that is the Silk Unsweetened. Next up is my Coconut Milk Test.

I use this for cold cereal, in a smoothie, to make oatmeal and for baking.

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