Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kale Chicken Sausage Soup

Saturday was another cold, rainy & gloomy day in Illinois. I spent the day in transit and attending my 2nd cousin's bridal shower and then meeting a friend from High school for a cup of coffee before my long drive back home. Once home, I immediately changed out of my dressy clothes and put on my comfy sweats so I could just hang out on my Lazy Boy couch with my feet up, be cozy under a blanket and watch a movie on my DVR.

There is just something about rainy and damp weather that makes me want to be lazy. Before I knew it 7:30 in the evening was here, and I had not prepared my soup to have for my meals for the next few days. Being single I make a big quantity of lots of foods, then have next day leftovers, and freeze some. There is nothing more comforting and helpful for me, then not having to prepare a meal every day of the week.

This allows me to have healthy meals in my freezer for several months and not to have go to the store sometimes for 3-4 weeks. This was also my first time preparing and eating Kale. Lately I have been watching the Food Network more then usual and every Chef seems to be making something with Kale.  Other then using Kale I have not adapted any Chef's recipes to come up with mine.With the nagging dead weight in the back of my mind that my Cancer could always come back or my current beingn (?) tumors could grow, or I could get a new Cancer, I am constantly trying to add more foods into my Diet that are supposed to be Cancer Protective. A friend from one of my support groups I belong too, who happens to also live in my Townhouse Complex came over today to be my Food Critic. She said my Soup was better then any she has ever had in a restaurant or out of a can, I think that is a wonderful compliment.

1 Dutch Oven
1 Stockpot
1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
16 Oz. Ground Chicken Breakfast Sausage
2 TBSP Frontier No Salt Added Blackened Creole Powder
6-8 Oz Water
2 Small Yukon Potatoes Washed & Cut Into Cubes
1 Bunch Kale Diced & Blanched
2 Small Onions Diced
2 Yellow Bell Peppers Diced
1 TBSP Minced Garlic
1 TSP Crushed Rosemary
1 TSP French Thyme
2 TSP California Parsley
1 TBSP Ground Cinnamon
1 TBSP Lite House Freeze Dried Italian Seasoning

2 Cups Very Low Sodium Chicken Broth ( Not More Then 95MG  Per Cup)
1 14.5 Oz Can of No Salt Added Diced Tomatoes

1/4 TSP Sea Salt

Add Kale to Boiling Water In Stockpot And Let Boil for 5 Minutes
Remove Kale And Immediately Add To Bowl of Ice And Let Sit for 2-3 Minutes
Remove Kale And Set Aside
Brown Chicken Sausage in Oil And Blackened Creole Powder in Dutch Oven
Add In Potatoes, Kale, Water, The Rest of Your Seasonings, Stir To Coat Evenly
Cook Covered for 15-20 Minutes,
Add In Peppers And Onions And Cook Covered for Another 15-20 Minutes
Add in Chicken Broth And Tomatoes And Cook for Covered for Another 1 to 1 1/2 Hours
Serve With Some Fresh Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese Crumbled On Top

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