Friday, March 4, 2011

A Break

For those of you who have been following my frequent posts I have had to take a break from posting due to a painful flare-up with my hands of my Neuropathy and Complex Regional Pain Issues. Sorry for the delay in posting lately. Rest assured I do have wonderful PIC's of some new recipes in my camera and I will post them once my hands are functioning better and allow me to type some more.

Lately the weather has been up and down in the Midwest where I live. One day it could be 25 or 30 with snow and then the next 46-50 degrees and then back to the teens with freezing rain and then streets and sidewalks coated in sheer ice. Today I heard the loudest thunder I ever heard and then on the news I saw reports of downed trees and power lines. I am beginning to wonder if my pain and lack of wrist functionality is some how related to the crazy weather pattern going on here?

All this rain and my limited use of my hands and fingers makes it a perfect time to enjoy a nice meatless one pot dish of Chinese eggplant, Caribbean black beans and rice, pasta sauce, tomato paste, garlic, celery and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese baked to a sublime perfection.

Another trick which is much easier on my hands is blending a lot of the items for baking in my Vitamix, then all I have to do is pour mixture over in a bowl with dry items, stir and bake.

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