Monday, November 22, 2010

Are Vaccinations A Good Thing or Not?

This topic has been all across the board. There are believers and then there are parents who swear that there children developed Autism because of this. According to the United States Government, Scientists, and Doctors this is not the case.

When I was born back in 1963 I was given vaccinations for diptheria, tetanus, pertusis (whooping cough) polio, small pox and the measles. In 1965 I received my 1st 3 in 1 DPT Booster. I had the German Measles now called Rubella before a vaccine existed. In 1977 I received my 2nd 3 in 1 DPT Booster and a mumps vaccination shot as that was now available. Apparently I was supposed to receive my next 3 in 1 in 1987 but nobody told my mother or me. So in June 1995 when I had an injury I had to get this 3 in 1 in the E.R.

While on vacation in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico in the summer of 2000 I was bit by something and my skin swelled and I could not even wear regular shoes. The medical personal in Mexico's solution was for me to get calomine lotion for my horrible itching.  I immediately went to my doctor upon my return home who took pictures of my bites and sent the pic's to the CDC in Atlanta which required me to then receive another 3 in 1 Booster. In addition I was put on several powerful drugs which took a while for me to get better. Perhaps if the had proper medical care in Mexico I would not have been so sick? Also, I doubt they even knew what a 3 In 1 Tetanus Booster was there?

When I applied to go to graduate school in Fall 2003 for the Jan 2004 semester I was told that I would have to get an MMR Vaccine despite the fact that I had already received the measles & mumps vaccines and had the measles. If I wanted to go Graduate School that was my only option. They wanted to give me the Chicken Pox Vaccine Varicella released in Korea & Japan in 1988 and available in the U.S. in 1995 but my doctor's convinced them not too as I already had chicken pox and there were deaths from the vaccine.

Over the years I would get the flu every season, sometimes more then one kind and looked at it this, as just another yearly illness. To be honest there were a lot off rumors out there, that said you would get sick from
the flu shot so I never bothered. Fast forward to 2008 and my Immunologist doctor said, "you should get one", this was actually the first time that I did not become sick the whole season. I became a believer in getting the FLU shot at that point, after 1 flu-free year. Was I just being naive and setting my self up for problems the next year?

In Jan 2009 my Immunologist found out that I had no antibodies of any kind to the Pneumonia so I received my 1st Pneumonia Vaccine and was told I am good for five years. Then in Sept 2009 right thru to October 2009 I was a victim of the new H1N1 Flu for 6 or was it 7 weeks of pure torture. The doc said, I was just unlucky to get this new flu before a vaccine was developed. Once I recovered I received the reg flu shot and was good for the season. No H1N1 shot in 2009 as I already had it and what a nightmare that was!

I received my 2010 FLU Shot October 31 and figured I was good for the season. Why is it that when you receive a vaccination you think that your safe and will not get sick?

On November 12, 2010 it was now time for my next 3 in 1 TDAP Booster. Immediately following this I spent the next 7 days 1st with hives, a fever, nauseated, no appetite, severe stomach cramps, headaches, diarrhea, joint pains, then a cough which hurt my ribs, no voice and severe congestion.

Had to go to my doctor November 19, 2010 to find out I had an allergic reaction to my Tdap Shot, possibly the norovirus, had the flu, and a new virus that hit this year. He said that I did not have all the issues just from the vaccination? I wonder about this?

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