Sunday, April 1, 2012

Okra Appetizer

This has been one super nasty sinus infection battle which has left me at home for a few weeks doing nothing but watching programs recorded on my DVR with my feet propped up on my Lazyboy couch, hardly eating, and not exercising. Finally after 10 days of antibiotics, 2 weeks of antifungals, daily RX nasal spray, daily netti-pot nasal lavage, saline spray, Debrox Ear Drops, cough drops, lots of tea and soup I am almost back to feeling normal. I have been making soup in my Vitamix with frozen veggies & Soy or Coconut milk, smoothies with frozen fruits, Kale and Soymilk. I have 8 recipe PIC's loaded on my PC and 12 still in my camera so it will take a little while to get these all typed up, then I have 14 pages of recipes that are hand-written to be typed up yet as well.

The day I started to feel sick I attended a presentation giving by a local Chiropractor on how she treats patients with Fibromyalgia which came with a Gluten Free Lunch. Last week I attended a presentation at one of the local hospital on Gut Feelings: Managing Digestive Orders, both of these renewed my commitment to  continuing to follow a Gluten, Dairy & Egg-Free life and reinforced my feelings on eating much less chicken, turkey, and red meat.

Now onto another recipe with one of my favorite vegetables "OKRA" and one of my favorite grains cornmeal which produces a great Polenta. In this case the Polenta is ready made and shelf stable which I purchased at Cost Plus World Market.

1 Dutch Oven
1 TSP Canola Oil
16 Oz/1LB Pre-Cooked Polenta Sliced Into Cubes
16 Oz Frozen Chopped Okra
1/8 TSP Sea Salt
1/8 TSP Ground Black Pepper
1 TBSP Minced Garlic
1/2 Cup Diced Onion
1 TBSP Amore Tomato Paste
1-2 TBSP Vegan Butter

Heat Oil On Medium High
Add In Onion, Okra, Garlic, Salt & Pepper
Cook Until Done
Add In Cornmeal And Saute For a Few Minutes
Add Tomato Paste When Done, Mix & Serve

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