Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mustard Steak

Hard to believe that the whole week has gone by and I still feel like I accomplished hardly anything other then reading some great books, recording shows & movies on my DVR, and registering for Free classes/presentations at my local library, Hospital, Wellness Center & Cancer Center. Still trying to catch up with all my recipes that I created while I was sick most of March. Most of my recipes were fairly quick & easy as I did not feel up to creating anything to complex for eating.

1 Broiler Tray
1 Mock Tender Chuck Steak Cut Into Cubes
1 Diced Onion Sauteed or Grilled
Canola Oil
Sea Salt
Garlic Powder

Season steak with Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, & Oregano and let rest for 30 minutes
Saute Onions in Canola Oil while steak is resting, & set aside
Turn Broiler On
Add Steak to Tray
Cook to desired doneness
Top with grilled onions & Mustard Sauce
I get mine at Cost Plus World Market for $4.99 and then use my 10% of coupon and sometimes it is on Promo


Ready To Eat

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