Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Tools To Help Save Money On Ground Spices & Cheeses

In Today's Modern World Everyone Seems To Be Busy Working, or Looking For Work, Working Out,  Taking Care of Kids or Extended Families or Carpooling That It is Often Hard To Make Full Meals From Scratch Like Prior Generations Were Able To Do.

My Time Saver Items Still Allow ME To Make And Eat Healthy Food. Here Are Some Items That Make My Cooking Take Less Time And Can Cost Less Money.

This is A Microplane Grater Which Has Multiple Uses.
This allows me to buy whole spices and use what I need when I need it. So instead of spending $$$ for Ground Nutmeg, Tumeric, Ginger, etc. I purchase it whole and use this to grind it when I need it. I use this to grate my hard Italian Cheeses as well. This can be used for grated citrus peel instead of spending $4-6 for bottle.
There are smaller Microplane graters for chocolate and other items.

This is a Mortar & Pestle which allows me to crush celery seeds, corriander seeds, dill seeds, peppercorns, red pepper chilis, etc instead of spending $$$ for ground items. I also use this to crush nuts smaller for baking as well as smashing avocado's for guacamole.

This is a coffee grinder for grinding coffee beans. Since I do not grind coffee beans I sometimes use this for grinding nuts smaller when I make a recipe of mine that calls for more then I would use at one time in my Mortar & Pestle.

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