Monday, January 10, 2011

Shortcuts For Cooking And Baking

The majority of people do not have the time to rinse and soak rice overnight, nor does everyone have a rice cooker. Many people are on a diet and looking to cut down on refined processed foods and want to add more whole grains to there diet.

Instead of buying a prepared rice mix which typically has lots of added sodium, fat, sugar and ingredients that do not belong in any food, buy a box of plain Whole Grain Rice either pre-cooked if your in a hurry or purchase the long grain version. There are multi-grain versions as well.

None of these versions require any salt or butter. I never add any salt or butter to cooked rice and I always cook rice in the microwave. You can eat it plain as is or with beans, salsa, chicken or fish which already have there own flavors.

It is a lot of work to cut a coconut and then dehydrate the coconut for later uses. I can't justify the cost of buying a dehydrating machine nor do I have the space to store it when I would not be using it. Instead of buying a whole coconut, buy a package of shredded coconut and use it whenever you need to.

These breadcrumbs hold up a lot better in frying or baking then traditional breadcrumbs. They impart a better texture and flavor to your meals. I find it is less work and less expensive then having to continually go to the store and buy artisian bread, wait 3 days to cut it and then grind it. This or another brand is in my pantry all the time and allows me to just use how much I need, then save the rest for later.  I use my breading for baking chicken, fish, steak, vegetables, meatballs, and hamburgers.With fresh breadcrumbs you have to use them all at once to prevent rancidity. I am only cooking for one person, which would be crazy.

If you in a hurry pick up a small package of pieces of nuts for making deserts or savory dishes. Always store them in your freezer as soon as your purchase them if your not going to use them right a way. If you will be using them daily then keep them in your refrigerator at all times.

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