Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recipes And Contests

Lately with the weird weather we have been having where I live it has left me with more time indoors then I am used to. This prompted me to start exploring the web for recipe contests, bake-offs, cook-offs, etc. I decided to enter some recipes in a Valentine's Contest at Mixing Bowl.Com as well as entering my Lentil Pea Rice Stew in their Crockpot Contest. I am still waiting to find out if I won there or not. I have entered some other contests where I am waiting as well.

Just last week I entered this contest here.
I received an email tonight telling me that my recipe has been picked as one of the finalists so I will be competing next week for the cash prize and a set of knifes.

I have watched lots of episodes on the food network of Iron Chef America, Chopped, & Cupcake Wars.
Now that I have been picked for this contest I am starting to get nervous as to what the mystery ingredients will be in the Hyatt Pantry and why it is 2 hours to cook one dish?

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