Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Elgin Fresh Market

For those of you visiting, reading or following my blog the last few years, you already know that I live on a tight budget and for me I strive to get the best quality food at a lower cost. When I was working full-time and making lots of money I still used coupons and shopped sales but I was not as aware of the bigger difference in prices from so many different grocery stores as I am now. Having not worked for the last 5 years, I have had lots of time to learn the true ins and outs of grocery shopping cycles, sales, temporary markdowns, clearance, etc.  I have learned along the way that the larger chain grocery stores do not always give you the best price or the best quality on many items. Many times the best deals on produce, meats and other items are right at your local Market. Elgin Fresh Market has two locations that allow customers to get quality food at quality prices. I live on the Far West side of Elgin, IL so I find the McClean Boulevard West Side location very convenient for me. Come on over to Elgin, IL and check out the latest deals at the Elgin Fresh Market.

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