Sunday, September 4, 2011

Italian Whole Chicken In Slow Cooker/Crockpot

6 Quart Oval Programmable Slow Cooker/Crockpot
1 Large Onion Cut Into Thick Slices
Morton & Bassett Salt Free Italian Seasoning For a Dry Rub
If you can't find this brand, then make your own rub with equal parts dried:
basil, coriander, garlic, oregano, thyme, onion, paprika, parsley, sage and black pepper.
1 TBSP Garlic Granules
1 TBSP Paprika
1 5 Pound Whole Chicken With Insides Removed
8 Whole Garlic Gloves

Spread Onion Slices Evenly Across the Bottom Of Slow Cooker
Cut A Small Slit in Each Leg And Place The Whole Garlic Glove In The Skin
Cut a Slit On Each Side of The Top & Bottom of The Breast Place The Whole Garlic Glove In The Skin
Place The Other 2 Whole Garlic Gloves In The Cavity of The Chicken
Sprinkle Garlic Granules & Paprika Evenly Over Whole Chicken Top & Bottom
Spread Italian Seasoning Evenly Over The Whole Chicken Top & Bottom
Place Whole Chicken Into Slow Cooker On Top of Onion Slices

Cook 8 Hours on Low
There is No Need To Add Any Liquids. Your Chicken Will Be Very Moist.

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  1. I love the ease of a crockpot chicken...and this one has fantastic flavors. Tasty :D