Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sesame Ginger Blackened Creole Teriyaki Bison Kabobs

Cut Up Use 3 Pieces Per Skewer of Bison
Red, Yellow, & Green Bell Peppers Cut in The Size of About A 2 Inch Triangle 
Thick White Onion Slices
2 OZ Litehouse Toasted Sesame Ginger Dressing Sauce & Marinade
3-4 OZ Kikoman Teriyaki Garlic & Green Onion Sauce Takumi Collection
1 TSP Frontier Blackened Creole Seasoning
1 TSP Litehouse Freeze Dried Mushrooms
1 Disposable Broiler Tray
Enough Skewers for How Many You Want To Serve
Marinate Overnight & Then Disguard Marinade

Assemble Kabobs
Place Kabob in Broiler Pan 
Add in Your Marinade Sauces, Blackened Creole Let Hang For 1 Hour in Fridge
Top With 1-2TSP of The Freeze-Dried Mushrooms & Cook
Make Sure To Put Another Pan With Tin Foil Under Your Broiler Pan 
Disposable Pans With Too Much Fluid Can Spill or Be Too Awkware To Remove From Oven
Bake in 375 Oven Until Bison is Done

This Time I cooked everything without the Skewers

Here Is The Teriyaki Sauce To Use

Here is The Sesame Marinade

Here IS The Freeze-Dried Mushrooms & Blackened Creole

Sesame Ginger Blackened Creole Teriyaki Bison Prepared & Ready To Cook

Finished Product

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