Monday, September 20, 2010

All About Healthy Comfort Foods This Month

With Fall 2010 Approaching on Tuesday September 21 in the States some of my new meals are focused on comfort foods that you can layer in one casserole dish, put in the fridge till your ready to cook and then pop in the oven and your done. Wait a day after you have cooked them to then freeze what you want and have a few other times as well. If you have a bigger family you can have this as one dish or make extra to freeze.
These dishes in some cases are semi-homemade and sometimes use frozen items that you can freeze in a new dish. They are quick, easy, usually budget friendly as well as being healthier and supplying your body with quality nutrition.

Have been recovering from my most recent 2 trips to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN so I have not posted new recipes in a while. I have many new recipes as well as new photos that I will start to post in the coming days and weeks ahead.

Whenever I am out of town it takes me a while to settle back into any type of routine. Going through a few weeks of mail seems to take me a super long time. Then I wind up with piles all over my dining table for another few weeks as well. Today I can actually see some empty spots on my table and I came home from Mayo Clinic on September 10, 2010. Although I could not pick up my hold mail till Monday September 14, 2010. It is only September 20 so I feel that if it takes me another week I will have more time for posting my recipes and photos of my yummy food.

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