Friday, June 29, 2012

Pear Smoothie

Now that it ha been so hot & humid for so long I really have no appetite. I have been making smoothies almost every day with enough for breakfast and then one for another time during the day. Sometimes I will only have smoothies all day and not any solid food to make sure I am still getting all my protein, carbs, vitamins, etc.

1 Vitamix or Similar High Powered Blender
1 Cup Organic Unsweetened Silk Soymilk or other Non-Dairy Milk
1 Pear Cleaned And Sliced with Skin On
2 TBSP Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Butter Creamy (Super Target $5.99 plsu $1.00 Coupon=$4.99)
7-10 Ice Cubes

Always start with liquid first for a smoothie in a Vitamix.
Add in Soymilk, then Pear, then Sunbutter, top with ice.
Cover & follow Instructions on Vitamix

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